Around the World

There are many opportunities to share our love around the world. We will be sharing some of the things that members of Hand in Hand Church are involved in on this page. It is exciting to see the practical ways that love impacts those around us!

Abba’s Joy
Making a Difference in Shepetivka, Ukraine

Abi Yentzer is currently in Sheptivka, Ukraine with Nina at the Inspiration Centre. If you would like to help support the ministry in Ukraine, please click on this link to visit the Gofundme page for this opportunity.

Investing in the Inspiration Centre – Shepetivka, Ukraine

We will be visiting Nina, the Program Coordinator at the Inspiration Centre located in Shepetivka, Ukraine this Spring. We are raising money to help with their mission.

The Inspiration Centre offers spiritual development, educational services, and legal aid in the forms of:

– Classes on educational, vocational, and life skills
– Food Basket – teaching their local community to grow, cook and can food
– Working Hands Projects – practical projects like chopping firewood, digging wells, fixing furniture, electricity, etc.
– Humanitarian Aid – providing clothing, shoes, and furniture for people in need
– Orphan’s Ministry
– Gypsy Church Services
– Family Home Visits
– Bible study groups / prayer meetings

The Inspiration Centre has also been recognized by the local government as a temporary shelter for street children, orphans, and missionaries. 

Their vision is to create a world in which children use their God-given gifts to live a life of fulfillment.

Additional Facts About Ukraine

– Russia excluded, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe.
– Ukraine has the lowest median wealth per adult in the world. 
– Ukraine’s national flower is the sunflower!

Thank you for your support!


Inspiration Centre Website:

How I Met Nina 
I met Nina six years ago on a trip to Ghana, Africa.  Together we had the opportunity to speak in schools, visit villages, love on orphans, feed a leper village, etc. The idea for the Inspiration Centre was sparked out of our trip to Ghana and continued with a building being purchased in July of 2016. Renovations are continuing! Thank you for being a part of helping this wonderful community of people in Shepetivka, Ukraine!

“Nevertheless, he took me to another building that he had for sale. When he was opening six classrooms, different ideas came into my mind – we can do WooDecor Club in that room, here we can teach kids the Bible, and this room can be for orphans… When the owner opened the door of the large hall, God gave me a vision of little gypsy kids standing on the stage and singing Christian songs and playing on the bells. Their happy faces broke my heart into little pieces. All I could do was to pray for the development of gypsy ministry.” – Nina (Program Coordinator)

Note: All funds will be applied to this project and are fully tax deductible. They will be processed through Hand in Hand Free Methodist Church, Elmira, NY, a 501(c)3 registered organization.
Please click on this link to visit the Gofundme page for this opportunity.